Imagining a machine inspired by DNA and delivered in a compact package


As a progressive company, Eversys has always kept an eye on market trends, whilst retaining an open mind towards genuine innovation.

It has become quite common, today, to see leading manufacturers lower the price and the quality of their products in order to permeate new markets and generate more sales. At Eversys, we understand and respect that approach. However, we committed a long time ago to never compromise on quality and to always protect our corporate values, to focus on creating disruptive market-leading solutions as opposed to merely majoring on price only.

In developing our new machine, we had our 10-year journey to date in mind. We thought back to our roots, our heritage, and our attributes. And the idea came naturally; we would craft a compact machine that would unite the essence of who we are - without compromise, protect the values which remain close to our heart; we remain innovators, preservers of authenticity, and providers of market-leading in-cup quality.

Machine Architecture

Our latest innovation is a compact machine that helps businesses with less space offer a great coffee experience to their customers.

  • Grinders

    The machine can be configured with up to four grinders, offering the production and choice of four different types of beans.

  • Milk unit

    In the 1-Step system, milk is frothed with air, ensuring optimal flavour and texture.

  • Powder unit

    Our engineers have designed a unique powder unit with two hoppers (capacity: up to 2 kg).

  • Modularity

    Our team has successfully overcome the challenge of maintaining a modular system while meeting the dimension requirements.

  • Outlets

    Tea outlet on the left and adjustable coffee outlet on the right.

Design and materials

Combining efficiency and elegance

“From inside out” is the philosophy that guided the creation of our new machine. Each element combines functionality and aesthetics. This approach minimises the number of components, simplifies assembly, and improves maintenance. An all-metal construction ensures reliability and durability.

The architecture enables high precision, robustness and a considerable reduction in components




E-connecting your coffee solution to the future

Our e-connect, a leading-edge telemetry system, enables the tracking and processing of live data from and to anywhere in the world. Connecting the Eversys machine enables our distributors to optimise their service and save costs. Our customers can monitor their KPIs and make sure that staff are properly cleaning the machine. All the data can be transferred to other systems (e.g. ERPs) using our REST API.

Connecting the Eversys machines becomes more and more the new normal.

Stephan Zink

Head of Electronic Engineering

Target Market

Eversys new machine requires little space to provide premium quality cups of coffee. It is the perfect solution for…


but also small coffee chains that are interested in specialty coffee.

And now we would like to introduce to…


A message from Kamal Bengougam

Légacy is a gift from past generations - one that becomes relevant for future generations through today’s technology.

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Sierre, Switzerland

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